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Traffic accident procedures vali rent a car Dalaman Turkey


The following is a step-by-step guide on what to do if you are involved in a traffic accident in Turkey.

1. From 1 April 2008 it is no longer necessary to call the police to the scene of an accident in the following circumstances:

When - the accident involves two or more vehicles Where there is only material damage to vehicles When no one is injured or killed Where all concerned parties AGREE to the cause and who is liable for the accident and providing each driver completes the correct form "Tutanak Ornegi" and all parties involved sign each form, including witnesses if any. (Attached link to access form and guidance). Guidance to complete traffic accident form (Tutanak örnegi) You should then submit the form to your insurance company who will use the form in conjunction with the other insurance companies concerned to settle liability. How to access the form and instructions how to complete the form are in English at the foot of this document)

2. If agreement cannot be reached, you should immediately call 155 for Traffic Police assistance and follow the guide below:

DO NOT MOVE YOUR VEHICLE from the point of impact unless invited to do so by the traffic police or gendarme. It is not advisable to accept an offer of financial settlement from the other parties involved.

Wait for the police to arrive. If you cannot communicate effectively with the police you should insist that your Embassy be contacted. If you can, say "TÜRKÇE BILMIYORUM LÜTFEN ELÇILIGIM ILE KONUSUN, Tel: 455 3344", or "ELÇILIGIMDEN TÜRKÇE KONUSAN BIRI SIZE TELEFON EDECEK". Once the police arrive you will be breathalised and asked to produce your driving license and logbook.

A preliminary report of the accident will be compiled by the police at the scene of the accident. Only when this report has been made should you move your vehicle. The police can take several hours to arrive at the scene of an accident. DO NOT MOVE YOUR VEHICLE. It is essential to obtain the result of the breathaliser test and the official police report in order to make a successful insurance claim. You will be asked to collect this within three days from the District Police Station. This leaflet has been prepared by the British Embassy in Ankara for the convenience of enquirers. Although all care has been taken in it's production, neither Her Majesty's Government nor any Consular Official in the British Embassy in Ankara take any responsibility for it's precise accuracy or for the consequences of any action taken in accordance with it's contents.